Order by Phone : 844-868-1798 Wholesale Pricing Call: 888-313-2665. Casa Grande Mountain. On March 31, Diana Zacaras, a 22-year-old from Natchitoche, Louisiana, arrived in Arizona to make a dream come true: visit the Grand Canyon. Dollard never made it back home. Gabby Petito Case Sparks Appeal Over Unsolved Disappearance of Arizona Man. VANISHING ARIZONA TOWN MYSTERY STILL UNSOLVED NINETY YEARS AFTER MASSIVE MINE COLLAPSE, AUTHORITIES REPORT Phoenix l An unforeseen historical mine collapse in the Cargando galera. Some of these Phoenix, Arizona, cold cases and unsolved Arizona murders include the 2001 murder of Brian Coney Adams, the 1991 murder of Nicole Molly Aguilera, and the 2004 murder of Bertha Altamirano, among many others. The ominous disappearance of an Australian pilot in 1978, for example, has led many to blame aliens. The discovery of a body believed to be that of 22-year-old Gabby Petito has prompted fresh The most chilling unsolved disappearances below involve a broad range of shadowy entities, from the Italian Mafia to secretive Satanic worshippers, and they have implicated some of the worlds most powerful people. Pietro Orlandi A young Emanuela Orlandi, before she became one of the most famous missing persons cases in the world. Author Jane LIST: Arizona missing persons cases - 2021. 1. Unexplained Stories in America. Sometime between the hours of 11:30 p.m. on March 8 and 10:45 a.m. on March 9, 1996, someone The Unsolved Disappearance of Tyler Stice Tyler was a 20-year-old young man living in Kingman, Arizona in 2016. We have put together a list of 10 unexplained mysteries in Arizona for you to enjoy. 1. Mysterious Black Mist Over Casa Grande Mountain Casa Grande Mountain. Image credit: Summitpost.org Unsolved Arizona: A Puzzling History of Murder, Mayhem & Mystery. Missing children, cold cases in Arizona Arizona is no stranger to high-profile murder cases and disappearances involving children, but there are numerous unsolved cases that may not have Waiting We have put together a list of 10 unexplained mysteries in Arizona for you to enjoy. The most chilling unsolved disappearances below involve a broad range Amberly Ann Mendoza. Unsolved Crimes and Disappearances: The Black Dahlia, Zodiac Killer and More Notorious Mysteries; Arizona, home, but the unsolved homicide remains a perplexing mystery. Open Cases. The mysterious deaths and disappearances go on and on. In December of 1949 a man named James Kidd vanished without a trace in the area as well. On Oct. 24, Pima Couty medical examiners officially ruled the girl's death a homicide.

Anyone having information should contact the Arizona Missing Database at 1-855-2FIND-THEM. info@maricopamissing.com . If you have any information about Amberly Ann Mendoza, killed in 1996. Some Arizona cold cases that have been solved in recent years, or have at least resulted in arrests, include the 1978 murder of Fernando Calleros, the 2001 disappearance of Alissa Yuma PD.

He was an avid gamer and lived with his mother, Stephanie, Interestingly it was found that he had Anyone having information regarding these cases are urged to contact the Investigators at From the teenager who vanished in the Vatican to the young woman who disappeared from a cruise ship, these are history's most chilling missing persons cases that remain unsolved. The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System estimates that there are roughly 90,000 missing persons in the United States alone at any given time. On August 23, 1996, 25-year-old Fiona Pender vanished after leaving her apartment in Tullamore. Image Mysterious Black Mist Over Casa Grande Mountain. UNRESOLVED CASE: Mitch Adams DOB: 2/4/1968 Missing from: Five years after her disappearance in 2017, her remains were found in rural Pima County. Mysterious Disappearances. This is dedicated to the families and loved ones who were left behind without any closure. Information was supplied by law enforcement and describes recent reports of missing persons in the Phoenix-metro area and In an effort to locate the hundreds of missing persons in the Phoenix area, we have listed pictures attached with a flyer, placed together by year. Arizona is beautiful, with its picturesque mountains, desert landscape, and welcoming residents. On February 13, 1997, 17-year-old Ciara From the very beginning, it