Consisting of a bronze chest filled with gold nuggets, rare coins and jewellery, this real-life treasure trove was allegedly hidden at a secret location by the late art dealer Forrest Fenn. It was found approximately a decade later in 2020 in Wyoming, by an anonymous treasure hunter later revealed to be former journalist and medical student Jack Stuef. Benchmark has teamed up with author and retired collector Forrest Fenn to map the searchable area for his hidden treasure notably shown and described in his book The Thrill of the Chase. The man who found Forrest Fenn's treasure wanted to be anonymous. Custer Gallatin National Forest, Montana. Forrest Fenn, the millionaire who hid a treasure chest in the Rocky Mountains, says someone has finally found it. One of the people who searched unsuccessfully for the treasure, Jamie McCracken, filed a claim against Fenns estate. I find that mind boggling. After a mythic decade of exploration, close calls, and a few fatalities, Forrest Fenns treasure hunt has come to an end. If internet sleuths are correct, the treasure was most likely found in one of these four locations. In 2009, Forrest Fenn laid down treasure in an unknown location, whose whereabouts were described only by a cryptic poem. Art collector Forrest Fenn hid a treasure chest full of gold, jewels, ancient jewelry, coins, and other precious items somewhere in the Rocky Mountains.

So, of course, from here, began a journey of searches that resulted in everything from marriages to Information: This board is currently read-only. It was under a canopy of stars in the lush, forested vegetation of the The only hints he provides about the bountys location are that its between 5,000 and 10,200 feet in elevation, is located near trees, and that he hauled it there himself in two trips.

He also states that there are 10 or so other clues hidden in a poem in his self-published book, The Thrill of the Chase.. The Thrill of the Chase: clues to finding Forrest Fenns treasure. A Chicago attorney named Barbara Anderson filed a lawsuit against Fenn and the then-unnamed finder in U.S. District Court in Santa Fe, N.M., in He revealed today that the treasure was hidden in the state of Wyoming. This group is closed to the public. A Michigan man, Jack Stuef, discovered the treasure in June 2020, but has never revealed its exact location. More than a decade ago, in 2010, an eccentric art dealer and author, Forrest Fenn, announced that he had hidden a treasure of gold and jewels in the Rocky Mountains of the United States by publishing a 24-line poem, or riddle, in his memoir The Thrill of the Chase.. In attempting to honor what he perceives Art collector Forrest Fenn, from Santa Fe, sparked a treasure hunt by burying a chest full of rare coins and gold dust in a remote New Mexican mountain range in 2010. Fenn hasn't said where the treasure was found or shared any proof. Bordering the northwestern corner of Yellowstone National Park, the Custer Gallatin National Forest was a hot spot for Fenn treasure hunting activity. What Are Your Details On Forrest GumpS T Location Of Forrest FennS Treasure? Fenn's treasure is located within the geographical region of the Rocky Mountains (Too Far Too Walk book, map on page 265) Fenn's treasure can be found within the boundaries of one of the following states: New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana ( Too Far Too Walk book, map on page 265) Once the Forrest Fenn treasure was found, and the state of Wyoming was announced, some people have a really hard time accepting this location. On the first weekend of June 2020, someone found the bronze chest filled with about $2 million in treasure that Fenn, an art collector, had buried somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. And with my treasures bold, I can keep Many have attempted to find the treasure, some have even died in the process of looking for it. (Newser) At least two living people know where the late Forrest Fenn hid his treasure: the man who found it and the chief ranger of Yellowstone National Park. POWELL The identity of the finder of Forrest Fenns famed treasure has been revealed as Jack Stuef, a 32-year-old Michigan resident, though the location remains a mystery. We asked three of our writers, who have interesting takes, following the analysis, where they think Forrest Fenns treasure is: Emma (poetry expert and author to this analysis) LJ (poetry expert and actor who portrayed a pirate, and therefore knows a bit about treasure) The Fenn Treasure was a cache of gold and jewels that Forrest Fenn, an art dealer and author from Santa Fe, New Mexico, hid in the Rocky Mountains of the United States.

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POWELL The identity of the finder of Forrest Fenns famed treasure has been revealed as Jack Stuef, a 32-year-old Michigan resident, though the location remains a mystery. Fenn, of course, is the former art-and-antiquities dealer who in 2010 hid a box of treasure somewhere in the Rocky Mountains and wrote a poem with nine clues leading to

Fenn estimated that as many as 350,000 people from around the world went hunting for the treasure, according to the Santa Fe New Mexican. Here is the poem with the nine clues from "The Thrill of the Chase," Fenn's self-published autobiography: As I have gone alone in there. The chase was on.

In another of his books, Fenn published a map he said included the location, though without specifying it. His story has gained national media attention including The Today Show, Hemispheres magazine, True West magazine, and Readers Digest. FORUMS. Well, since no one has found the treasure, and IF the home of Brown is the location of the treasure, then the only way to get more than the first few clues right (in consecutive order) is if they find the treasure. Jeff Murphy, 53, from Batavia, Illinois, was found in Yellowstone National Park on June 9, 2017. Location of fabled million-dollar Fenn treasure revealed. Although Fenn says hes a little sad its over, he believes the treasure hunt and experiment were both a success.

DISCUSSIONS. The treasure was found in early June after more than 10 years of being hidden. Forum for Searchers of Forrest Fenn's Treasure Hunt.

July 25, 2020. JACKSON, Wyo.

The treasure was reported to have been found by a man from "back east," though Fenn declined to An affidavit filed as part of an ongoing lawsuit has revealed that the treasure was apparently found in Yellowstoneand park officials are fighting to keep the exact location a secret A treasure hunter is suing the late Forrest Fenn's estate claiming that the treasure had been repeatedly moved. Forrest Fenn's Treasure Found: $2M Chest Discovered in Rockies Hidden in the Rocky Mountains a decade ago, a treasure hunter from 'back East' has found the chest. John Burnett/NPR. MYSTERY WIRE Forrest Fenn, the man who said he hid a treasure chest with real treasure somewhere in the Rocky Mountains 10 years ago, is now revealing where he hid it, sort of. According to the author, the treasure was hidden in Wyoming.

He left behind a poem containing nine clues which lead directly to the treasure for anyone adept enough to unlock the clues and brave enough to retrieve the treasure chest. -- Author Forrest Fenn revealed this week where he had hidden his treasure chest filled with over a million dollars in loot. Mr. Fenn, who died in September at 90, wrote about the hidden treasure chest in a self-published memoir, The Thrill of the Chase, in 2010 and provided clues to

However, Fenn, before his death a few months later in 2020, confirmed the treasure was found in Wyoming. This possible interpretation of the poem coincides with Forrests before mentioned responses. rgestreon neut noun: former treasure (forms: rgestreonum dat pl) aergewin neut noun: former struggle. rglad adj: gracious in former times; of established graciousness (forms: rglade nom pl masc) rgod adj: good in former times; proven good because of age.

That means the public will soon know the exact location of Fenns treasure in Yellowstone Park. Mr. Fenn stated that the Treasure was located in the 1,000-mile stretch of the Rocky Mountains from New Mexico to the Canadian border and at least 5,000 feet above sea level, in an area that an 80-year-old would not have trouble accessing. The mystery of Fenns treasure continues to interest people even though he said it was found several weeks ago. Harry's Chase forum.

The elusive object had been hidden in the Wyoming wilderness for quite some time. MESSAGES. The Fenn Treasure is a treasure chest that was hidden by art dealer and writer Forrest Fenn somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. Fenn once confirmed the poem contained nine separate clues pointing toward the location of the treasure chest. NOTIFICATIONS. (The map and poem are combined above.) A lawsuit compelled him to go public. To access this group, please Log In . For the safety and wellbeing of all those involved, the New Mexico State Police publicly asked Fenn to stop the treasure hunt. 1. r/ForrestFennTreasure. As we first reported on June 7, Forrest Fenn said someone found his treasure As I have gone alone in there. Possible Locations Related to Fenns Treasure, from Poetry Experts. Five people lost their lives while searching for the Forrest Fenn treasure in the rockies in Southwestern Colorado. As most people know, the Rocky Mountains cover a lot of ground and there was much speculation as to the exact location where the treasure was found or at least which state it was in. On May 4, Judge Francis J. Mathew denied the governments motion to intervene in the case to keep the location secret Mathew stated the instruction poem Fenn released in 2010 already revealed the location albeit cryptically. Outside of Texas, and later living in New Mexico as an adult, Forrest Fenn spent a Maybe. A Colorado Springs man also sued Fenn because he suspected Fenn gave him fraudulent statements about the treasures location. In 1998, Saul Stuf spent two years searching for the over $1 million treasure Fenn brought in with gold, jewelry, and other artifacts. Hundreds of thousands join the hunt, one finds the treasure Fenn left clues for a treasure chest filled with $1 million worth of gold and jewels that he hid somewhere in the Rocky Mountains of New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana in his 2010 book, The Thrill of the Chase.. In 2020, Fenn announced the treasure had been found at last. The riddle of the prize's location is As long as you don't provide proof, you are simply #6762 of people who claim to have found the chest, and you're not even the first claiming you found it but left it. Octogenarian art dealer and controversial raconteur Forrest Fenn says someone has finally found his infamous treasure.