Kohl's Corp. annual income statement. This shows that Kohls has enough assets to pay off any short term debt it owes. Repurchased $548 million of shares in the quarter and $1.355 billion of shares in 2021. The financial statement indicated that the company's interest expense was declining. This metric measures how well a company is able to pay short-term liabilties that are on its balance sheet. For the quick ratio, Kohls and Target are both well below the industry average as of 10/06/2015. Kohl is a top omnichannel-based retailer with a minimum of 1100 stores in forty-nine states. Users can opt to see 4 periods of either annual or quarterly information. Understanding current and past Kohls Corp Financials, including the trends in assets, liabilities, equity and income are directly related to making proper and timely investing decisions. The firm has a market cap of $3.78 billion, a PE ratio of 4.57, a price-to-earnings-growth ratio of 0.55 and a beta of 1.81. Toggle navigation. View KSS financial statements in full, including balance sheets and ratios. Find out the revenue, expenses and profit or loss over the last fiscal year. Current Ratio Definition. The calculations indicated that the value of Macys current ratio declined in the last three years. Nasdaq provides Price/Earnings Ratio (or PE Ratio) and PEG ratio for stock evaluation. The financial condition of Kohl's Corporation in 2021 is better than the financial condition of half of all companies engaged in the activity "Department Stores" When compared with the ratios for all industries the Company's results are not that good. Kohl's market cap is $7.4 b, and annual revenue was $15.96 b in FY 2020. View Kohl's stock / share price, financial statements, key ratios and more at Craft. For the week 6-2022 the PE ratio of KOHLS CORPORATION, depending upon the weekly avg. Over the past four years, Kohl's has seen its revenues flatline. This KSS page provides a table containing critical financial ratios such as P/E Ratio, EPS, ROI, and others. KSS price-to-sales ratio is 0.28. The company's P/E Ratio (w/ extraordinary items) 5.28: P/E Ratio (w/o extraordinary items) 9.49: Price to Sales Ratio: 0.46: Price to Book Ratio: 1.69: Price to Cash Flow Ratio: 3.69: Enterprise Value to Kohls Financial Ratios for Analysis 2005-2021. Kohl is a top omnichannel-based retailer with a minimum of 1100 stores in forty-nine states. Table 1 Kohls the three-year financial health ratios Ratios Current Year Prior Year 2 Years Prior Current ratio 2.01 1.76 1.87 Quick (acid-test) ratio 0.67 0.49 0.38 Current cash debt ratio 0.49 0.36 0.26 Note: Impacts of liquidity ratios on profitability: Interdisciplinary Journal of Research in Business by Saleem & Rehman, 2011. Financial Leverage: 2.3 x: P/E Ratio: 13.8: Report incorrect company information. Kohl's Corp (NYSE:KSS) *12-month growth rate is calculated with the quarterly per share revenue (EBITDA, FCF, earnings) of the last 12 months over the per share revenue (EBITDA, FCF, earnings) over the previous 12 months. Breaking News. About the Price/ Earnings & PEG Ratios. Amongst the financial ratios, PE is considered one of the most important metrics to assess the current market valuation of a company. 19/06/2022 06:52:52 1-888-992-3836 Free Membership Login. All of Kohls Corp's financial statements are interrelated, with Kohl's PE ratio as of June 30, 2022 is 5.54. Kohls Financial Ratios for Analysis 2005-2021. 10-Q (opens in new window) Press Release (opens in new window) Q3 2019. This report provides the last five years revenues and revenue growth of Kohls Corp (KSS) from 2012 to 2016. USD 45.75 0.85 1.82%. Financial ratio analysis can also be defined as the process of presenting financial ratios, which are mathematical indicators calculated by comparing key financial information appearing on Kohls financial statements. There was an increase of 19.70% in revenues in 2017 which occurred after a decline in revenues of 23.82% in 2016. The company's EPS TTM is 6.53 USD, dividend yield is 6.97%, and P/E is 5.54. Company. January 2009 numbers report a debt ratio of 41% and in January 2010 the ratio dropped to 40%.This is excellent news for Kohls for two reasons. Smart investors buy low and sell high. 2019 Results. 2.77%. Fourth quarter diluted earnings per share of $2.20 exceeds expectations. Kohls (KSS) Revenues And Revenue Growth From 2012 To 2016. Annual stock financials by MarketWatch. 2.78%. Kohls Corporation KSS financial information, fundamentals, key ratios, market capitalization, shares outstanding, float, and short interest. Kohl is a top omnichannel-based retailer with a minimum of 1100 stores in forty-nine states. Each ratio value is given a score ranging from -2 and +2 depending on its position relative to the quartiles (-2 below the first quartile; -1 between the first and the second quartile; +1 between the second and the third quartile; +2 above the third quartile; 0 the ratio value deviates from the median by no more than 5% of the difference between the median and the FY, 2018 Q1, 2019 Q2, 2019 P/E Ratio (EPS) 6.21 (6.49) Recent News. As a low debt ratio is favorable for businesses, when the percentage drops from one year to the next that is a positive sign of improving financial position. It was mainly due to the companys failure to generate positive cash flows in 2015. 10-Q (opens in new window) Press Release (opens in new window) Q2 2019. Kohls Financial Ratios for Analysis 2005-2021. Get the detailed quarterly/annual income statement for Kohl's Corporation (KSS). For more than 50 years, Kohl's has enjoyed a history of strong leadership. Our leadership team continues to move the company forward on the path to greatness. Kohl's provides financial updates quarterly. From time to time, Kohl's executives provide additional updates on the company. Click here to view past webcasts and view upcoming presentations. Kohls generated a total of $19.2 billion revenues during 2016. Kohl's Corporation key financial stats and ratios. Kohls plans for As of 2021 they employed 99.00k people. Q1 2019. Revenues were $19.2 billion in FY 2016. Record full year 2021 adjusted diluted earnings per share of $7.33, eclipsing previous high of $5.60 in 2018. Clear. Short Ratio (Jun 14, 2022) 4: 1.85: Short % of Float (Jun 14, 2022) 4: 12.11%: Short % of Shares Outstanding (Jun 14, 2022) 4: 9.37%: Shares Short (prior month May 12, 2022) 4: 10.96M The Kohl's Corp. financial analysis covers the income statement and ratio trend-charts with balance sheets and cash flows presented on an annual and quarterly basis. Search. The current KSS market cap is 3.684B USD. Financial summary of Kohl's Corporation with all the key numbers. Kohls CorpFinancial ratios are relationships based on a company's financial information. Kohls current ratio as of 10/06/2015 shows it has $1.77 in current assets for every $1.00 in current liabilities. View the latest KSS financial statements, income statements and financial ratios. Current ratio is measured by current assets/current liabilities. Executive Summary As of January 30, 2021, we operated 1,162 Kohl's stores, a website , and 12 FILA outlets. The price to earnings ratio is calculated by taking the latest closing price and dividing it by the most recent earnings per share (EPS) number. From the years of 2015 to 2017, the ratio of operating income to revenues was reported as 8.09%, -6.33% and 7.42% consecutively. PDF Format (opens in new window) PDF. They can serve as useful tools to evaluate Kohls Corp investment potential. Get Actionable Insights with InvestingPro+: Start 7 Kohl's Operating Metrics. P/E ratio: 13,3x: 14,4x: 10,3x-41,6x: 9,52x: 4,47x: 3,93x: 3,53x: Yield: 3,24%: 3,51%: 5,98%: 1,60%: 2,08%: 7,04%: 7,13%: 7,35%: Capitalization / Revenue: 0,60x: 0,60x: 0,37x: Gross margin Operating margin Pretax margin Net Profit margin 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% In spite of Kohl's structuring the balance sheet towards more debt, its financial condition remains robust. One of the reasons is entirely pragmatic -- a struggling firm likely has a lower stock price, making the takeover more affordable. The report outlines the main financial ratios pertaining to profitability, margin analysis, asset turnover, credit ratios, and companys long-term solvency. We have conducted a comparative analysis of the balance sheet and the income statement of Kohl's Corporation (hereafter the "Company") for the year 2021 submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The primary business activity of the company is Department Stores (SIC code 5311). Fourth quarter diluted earnings per share of $2.20; adjusted diluted earnings per share (2) of $2.22, including $1.15 per share of incremental tax benefit driven by tax planning strategies. Kohl is a top omnichannel-based retailer with a minimum of 1100 stores in forty-nine states. Find the latest Financials data for Kohl's Corporation Common Stock (KSS) at Nasdaq.com. Financial Information Review financial reports and SEC Filings Kohl's annual reports and other key reports are available for review and download. The PE ratio is a simple way to assess whether a stock is over or under valued and is the most widely used valuation measure. Kohl's sale negotiations could drag on for weeks, possibly longer, amid market volatility CNBC 6/3/2022. (%) Created with Highcharts 4.0.4 /Highstock 2.0.4. Interim ratios for the last five interim periods: The latest financial ratios derived from the quarterly/semi-annual financial statements published by the company for 5 interims history Highlights Kohl's Corp (Kohls) is a specialty retailer that operates departmental stores. In addition, some financial ratios derived from these reports are featured. Kohl's Corp. This KSS page provides a table containing critical financial ratios such as P/E Ratio, EPS, ROI, and others. An attractive current ratio shows that a company's balance sheet is The company has an Enterprise Value to EBITDA ratio of 4.83. NYSE:KSS opened at $29.41 on Tuesday. Kohls reported a revenue growth of 1% year-over-year during 2016. Kohl's's Stores was reported to be 1.2 k in Q1, 2021. With it being dedicated to creating inspiration and the empowerment of the families to attain better lifestyles, Kohls (2021) noted that Kohl is offering excellent exclusive and excellent brands, an incredible share price and earnings for Q1-2022 quarter was 36.18.

To understand the degree of financial leverage a company has, shareholders look at the debt ratio. Ten years of annual and quarterly financial ratios and margins for analysis of Kohl's (KSS). Considering Kohl's's $14.69 billion in total assets, the debt-ratio is at 0.24. Further strengthened financial position during the fourth quarter, ending with $2.3 billion in cash. Source: Financials are provided by 10-Q Kohl's. Dividend: On February 24, 2021, Kohls Board of Directors declared a quarterly cash dividend on the Companys common stock of $0.25 per share. The dividend is payable March 31, 2021 to shareholders of record at the close of business on March 17, 2021. University of Belhaven . Kohls Financial Ratios for Analysis 2005-2021. Our experts can deliver a custom Macys Inc. and Kohls Corporation: Financial Analysis paper for only $13.00 $11/page. Kohls is committed to providing accurate, timely and helpful information about our company to our investors. 5 Year Avg. 2.61%. Next Kohl's Corporation earnings date is August 18, the estimation is 1.58 USD. Upgrade.